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This Week's Best Memes, Ranked

Here at Digg, we try our best to cover the most important and confounding memes that come across the timeline. But the web is littered with tons of great memes that never quite hit the mainstream, instead bouncing around the weird corners of Twitter or Reddit. 

Enter: our recurring feature, Memes, Ranked, where we not only rank the funniest memes each week, we also keep a running top 10 of the best memes of 2019. Skip to that here.

For the week of February 22, we have a handful of contenders: towels, chickens, blades and Eric Andre screaming "let me in!"

5. ASCII Blade

The meme: The blade protects. It's very simple. The blade has been the subject of great memes of the days of yore. The difference is this one you can wield to protect what you care about.

The examples:


Verdict: I'm a sucker for a good ASCII meme, but this one is particularly fun. It's easy to copy and paste. And, best of all, it's inherently a force for good. 

I wish I could rank this meme higher, but this was simply a fantastic week for memes, as you will see.

4. ASCII Sheriff

The meme: An ASCII reimagining of 2017's sheriff meme, this Twitter meme is like the above blade meme in that it's a piece of text art that you copy and paste and then change the message on the right. The only real difference is a little irreverence and some country twang.

The examples:


Verdict: Narrowly better than the Blade meme on account of the fact that the ASCII art is a little more fun, 2019's sheriff also rakes in some bonus points for sticking up for cool and worthwhile causes, like trans rights.

3. Slap A Chicken

The meme: Now we're cooking with kinetic energy. The question "how hard/how much would you have to slap a chicken in order to cook it?" is one that's popped up on the internet before. But one popular Reddit thread from earlier this week shed a spotlight on the math/physics/food science question and made it into a meme. Here's the original Reddit post:


[via Reddit]

The examples:


 via Imgur


Verdict: It has science, it has slapstick humor, it's a gag that's easy to tie into other meme formats. Slapping a chicken 3,725.95 MPH to cook it is a great example of the internet working together for the sake of a good joke.

2. How Many Towels

The meme: Over the weekend, Twitter personality Abdul Dremali tweeted an innocent question regarding the appropriate number of towels for a couple to own.


Things were fine — normal towel discourse — until writer Yashar Ali weighed earnestly in with a handful of truly gross figures:


Ten bath sheets AND ten bath towels? Twenty wash cloths? Ludicrous. The internet rightfully bounced back to put Ali in his place by spoofing his insane towel shopping list.

The examples: 


Verdict: Clowning on someone with too many linens is very funny. Good meme.

1. Let Me In!

The meme: In 2016 Eric Andre did a segment for his show from outside the Democratic National Convention. It's very funny. But more importantly, the first thirty seconds of the segment yielded this amazing clip of him banging his body against a metal fence, screaming "Let Me In!"


Well it's 2019 now and this clip has become a meme. And this week it reached its fever pitch.

The examples: 



Verdict: The always memeable Eric Andre does it again. This time in exceedingly relatable fashion. We've all been fenced out of something we want before, begging to be let in. This meme takes that pain and maps Eric Andre's hilarious voice to it. Spectacular meme for 2019.

The Official Josco? 2019 Meme Power Ranking

We finally have a full top ten. Click each entry on the ranking to see when it debuted.

  1. Let Me In
  2. Shen Yun
  3. Towels
  4. Slap A Chicken
  5. I Made Queso
  6. Thotiana
  7. ASCII Sheriff
  8. Blue Will Smith
  9. ASCII Blade
  10. Nancy Pelosi Memes

For weeks Shen Yun sat behind the door for the number one meme of 2019. Then Eric Andre came knocking.


That's it! Was this fun? IDK! You tell me! Let me know if you liked this (and if I missed your favorite new meme) either on Twitter @jcosco or by email: joey@เล่น happyluke www.aligarhpublicschool.com

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