Expert Breakdown Of 'Mario Kart' Characters' Political Alignments Is Just Great

?We all have our own favorite Mario Kart characters for many different reasons. Some of us enjoy the statistical middle of the road offered by Mario and Luigi; others can't help inhabiting the nefariousness of Wario and Waluigi; and there's always that one person who picks Dry Bones just to shout "DRY BONES" anytime they literally do anything.

However, a video from Art House Politics, produced back in April and resurfaced today, gives us an entirely new read on the Mario universe, and also a fun new methodology for choosing your character in Nintendo's long-running kart racing series.


We're not going to spoil the video or ruin the jokes by repeating them here, but hey, trust us that it's both very accurate and also very funny. 

A month later Art House Politics posted a follow-up, expanding the political alignments to Nintendo's larger universe of characters, and it, like most sequels, is probably just as good but just doesn't quite capture the spark of the original.


Anyway, in the year 2019, it's probably far more useful and healthy to identify with the imagined politics of a fictional character than actually look for it in our own government. But hey, maybe that's just me being a Dry Bowser.

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