Oh My God, These 11-Year-Old Instagram Stars Are So Shady

When I was 11, I was neglecting my homework, watching "Smallville" and spending too much time on RuneScape. Well, if this Instagram Live clip is to be trusted, being an 11-year-old is dramatically different in 2019. 

The clip shows two Instagram-famous girls, Emery "emerybbusiness" and Sarah "sarahdorothylittle," being shady as heck towards each other as they talk about each other's social media posts and makeup skills.

The video starts with Sarah saying that it seemed like Emery was trying to be Ariana Grande "like a lot" and turns into Emery going after Sarah's overdrawn lipstick. These girls didn't come to play.



In an Instagram post from last night, Emery claimed that the fight was fake and that the two don't have any beef.

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(The fight was fake no beef here)

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We know from the initial video that there was a plan for Sarah to visit Emery, so while I guess it's possible that the whole thing was fake, it also feels possible that they just got over it — because they're 11 and that's what 11-year-olds do. 

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